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Our team offers expert consultation for web application development, web service development, general and headless WordPress development, and e-commerce. Leverage our experience and knowledge to create a tailored strategy for your project.

Web App Development

Specializing in developing robust, modern web applications and services, we focus on delivering solutions with lower overhead costs and minimal maintenance requirements. Trust our team to create high-quality, scalable applications for your business.

API Development

We excel at creating WPGraphQL extensions, introducing new functionality to the WPGraphQL API. Our experience also includes WP REST and JS-powered GraphQL server development, ensuring a wide range of solutions for your API needs.

Who We Are

AxisTaylor is a small development team founded in 2016, working out of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. We specialize in the creating websites and web apps for small businesses. Our products are developed in 3-stages, planning, design, and develop. Our insistence on keeping our clients well informed at every stage has left a very positive impression on our clients, and we hope that we can leave that impression on you.

Our Work


WooGraphQL, also known as WPGraphQL WooCommerce, is a powerful extension that integrates WooCommerce with the WPGraphQL server. Our company founder began its development in March 2019, during the early stages of WPGraphQL, and has continued to nurture and grow the plugin alongside WPGraphQL's evolution. Our dedicated team remains committed to maintaining and developing WooGraphQL, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge solution for our users.

QL Events

QL Events is a powerful extension that connects WPGraphQL with The Events Calendar plugin suite, bringing its functionality into the WPGraphQL schema. Initially commissioned by Simplur, Inc in August 2019, the project ownership transitioned to Liquid Web in February 2022. Our skilled team continues to maintain and develop QL Events, ensuring it remains an exceptional solution for users who seek seamless integration of event management with their GraphQL-powered applications.

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